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Terms & Conditions

1. Product Warranty:

1.1 Wajiz.pk offers warranty services on select laptops based on their conditions at the time of purchase.

1.2 Warranty coverage varies depending on the specific laptop and its condition, providing flexibility to our customers.

2. Condition Assessment:

2.1 All laptops undergo a thorough condition assessment before being categorized for warranty options.

2.2 Customers can choose from available warranty plans based on the assessed condition of the laptop.

3. Warranty Activation:

3.1 Warranty coverage is activated upon successful purchase and is applicable as per the chosen plan.

3.2 The terms of warranty, including duration and coverage, will be clearly communicated during the purchase process.

4. Exclusions:

4.1 Warranty coverage does not extend to damages resulting from mishandling, accidents, or unauthorized modifications.

4.2 Wajiz.pk reserves the right to assess and determine the eligibility of a laptop for warranty coverage.

4.3 Wajiz.pk reserves the right to terminate warranty coverage without prior notice.