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Buy Latest Laptop At Best Prices Online In Karachi, Pakistan 2024

The laptop price in Pakistan is much lower compared to all other countries. However, the price of a laptop in Pakistan doesn’t remain constant. It varies according to different factors. Today, the Latest laptop price in Pakistan, compared to a few months back, is around Rs 97,500 (Rs. 1 lack to Rs 2 lack) for a 15-inch screen laptop, and the price increases for a 13-inch screen laptop. The Increases and decreases in prices vary from brand to brand.


From the country’s current inflation rate to the current economic condition to local market trends, various factors can impact the price of laptops. The costs can also vary from city to city; the market rates of each city are different due to various economic factors.


Every laptop store in Pakistan can not promise to sell excellent-quality laptops at reasonable prices. Moreover, due to the rapidly rising inflation, it is becoming difficult for local customers to purchase brand-new laptops at their price range.


To address this problem, we have launched an online store for laptop customers in Karachi, Wajahat Traders. We provide state-of-the-art and reliable laptops for a comprehensive range of users from different walks of life. Our goal is to provide the best laptops at cheap prices now in Karachi and soon all over Pakistan and to make machines of the top laptop brands affordable for all users.


Wajahat Traders has been functional for years with the top laptop brands and has a broad customer base, especially in Karachi, Pakistan. However, when people search for the lowest laptop price in Pakistan, our laptop prices are pretty reasonable compared to the other local stores in Karachi. On the other hand, the machine with the most high-end specifications will be costly, but we still address the issues of all types of users who have different budget ranges.


Best Laptop Brands in Karachi, Pakistan

When choosing a laptop, various factors must be considered. These include display quality, laptop performance, battery life, and the laptop price for people having a limited budget. Wajahat traders sell the best laptops at affordable prices in Karachi and have a comprehensive base and fan following. Our Laptop Quality assurance department tests machine quality according to international standards to ensure that there is no compromise on the laptop’s performance. However, the top laptop brands we deal with will have worked for many years in the industry and have developed an excellent reputation in the market. Let’s find out more about these best laptop brands:


Lenovo Laptops:

If you don’t have enough money to buy expensive laptops, it is best to consider investing in Lenovo laptops. The Lenovo laptop comes at affordable prices for every user. Compared to HP and Dell, Lenovo products can be the most cost-effective. The impressive hardware specification and appealing design are some of the prominent aspects of this brand.


Moreover, they provide a wide range of devices from different series, including Yoga, ThinkBook, IdeaPad, ThinkPad, LOQ, and Legion. All these devices are suitable for other uses, so you can consider them according to your needs.

Explore more about Lenovo Laptops Here.


Dell Laptops:

Another well-known and top-quality laptop-selling brand that we offer is Dell. Their high-quality products significantly contribute to the lives of business professionals, students, creative professionals, casual users, and digital enthusiasts.


There are essential factors that make Dell laptops the first choice of many users and stand out in the market. High-quality displays, excellent battery life, and blazing-fast processors are advantages you can get when buying Dell laptops. Just explore our store and choose the top model of this brand according to your needs.

Explore more about Dell Laptops Here.


HP Laptops:

We sell a wide range of HP laptops perfectly suitable for different types of users. All major brands have variants with different prices and specifications, but the most preferred laptop brand in Pakistan is HP, which has millions of loyal customers worldwide. They provide products of different lineups that contain excellent components. These play an essential role in improving user experience and performance. The famous series of HP machines are Victus, Pavilion, Omen, Envy, EliteBook, ProBook, and Spectre x360.


Some of the popular HP models that you can get from our store include the HP 15 fd0336nai, HP 15s FQ5317tu, and HP 250 G10. You can explore more options according to your budget and requirements.

Explore more about HP laptops Here.


Apple Laptops:

It’s time to Explore the amazing world of Apple laptops, where style and innovation combine to transform the way, you use a laptop. Apple’s comprehensive range of products includes the well-known MacBook series, which serves a variety of global user needs and tastes. Next,There is a MacBook model designed specifically to increase your productivity and creativity, regardless of your role in life—creative professional, student, or business executive.


From the incredibly lightweight MacBook Air—ideal for individuals who value portability without sacrificing power—to the svelte and powerful MacBook Pro, which offers unmatched performance with its state-of-the-art CPUs and gorgeous Retina display.

Explore more about Apple laptops Here.



Our vast selection of MSI laptops is designed to satisfy the varied demands of our valued consumers. Premium components that improve performance and user experience can be found in MSI laptops, which are well-known for their dependability and state-of-the-art technology. The MSI GS, GE, GP, Prestige, and Creator series are some of our best-selling models designed to provide remarkable power and adaptability. Whether you work in business, create content, or are a gamer, MSI has the ideal laptop for you. Unlock your full potential with a laptop built for excellence by browsing our assortment, which includes notable models like the MSI GS66 Stealth, MSI GE76 Raider, and MSI Prestige 14.

Explore more about MSI laptops Here.


How To Buy Laptop At Best Prices Online – 2024

Whether you are a Mac fan, windows laptop fan, or looking to try new laptop technology, first, you should know what is necessary to search for in a laptop before investing the money. There are many more things to view, than just the operating system.


Various options are on the market, from thousands of pounds of cheap chrome boxes to advanced gaming machines costing less than 50,000 PKR. Before buying a laptop, you should first consider what it is good for.


Here are some tips:


Storage Capacity

With the dawn of cloud-based repositories, online streaming, and enhanced hard drive space control tools, moderate laptop users don’t have to stress too much about the limitations of local storage. When searching for the best-suited laptop, checking hard driver types defines how many files you can easily store without deleting other files to make room. 256 GB is an excellent starting point for everyday casual usage.


The hardware type is one of the significant aspects of a Laptop. An SSD makes the work fast, resulting in quicker file transfers and boot times. On the other hand, a traditional HDD is less expensive, so it slows many capabilities.


Display Size

The screen size of the laptop you choose depends on where you plan to use the laptop. If you buy a laptop for study purposes and keep it on the table, enjoy the big screen with higher resolution. If you desire something that you can rapidly put in a bag or use on a train, then we suggest you go with a lighter and smaller display. Follow this strategy like a balancing act—small laptops normally have small keyboards, which can be difficult to use for a long period.


Central Processing Unit 0r CUP

To utilize the widely habituated analogy, the central processing unit is the laptop’s brain. A laptop is more powerful if it has more processors. In the latest laptops, two or more processors are included. For primary home use, the dual-core processor delivers plenty of processing power for scrolling social media, checking emails, and watching YouTube videos. Choosing the CPU with four or more features will reduce spluttering and improve performance for more in-depth gaming tasks and video editing.



RAM, or Memory, determines the capacity of a laptop and how much work your laptop can do. If you usually edit files that are different gigabytes in size and work with extensive documents, such as if you need to keep things from slowly stopping, RAM will offer your laptop more headroom. Generally, 8GB will happily accommodate everyday use, but if you are rich and have higher RAM, go with 16G. Memory is one of the most affordable parts a machine can boost. And the newer laptops get quicker; one becomes obsolete.


Ports in Laptop

While RAM, hard drive, and CPU performance will be most affected, the types and number of ports on your laptops are substantial. It is the branded laptops; these are different ports a user can utilize. It would help if you have these ports to connect things to your laptop in various ways, such as simply recharge or USB devices. A standard working laptop requires at least 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C, and a jack for attaching headphones/microphones.


Wajahat Trader’s best Laptop Store in Karachi, Pakistan

To buy the best laptop in Pakistan, we suggest you visit our stores at Sadar, Karachi or you can visit our store at Grace Mall, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Come today and check out our other products in person. It will also help you assess the quality of our laptops better and make the right buying decision according to performance, budget, and requirements.


You don’t need to worry if you are unable to visit in person. You can easily place your order after adding the product to your card and making a payment online at our website. We’ll deliver your order safely at your doorstep.


The Latest Laptop Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s economic and commercial hub has a fantastic target market for electronic gadgets and other computer systems. Due to the continuous rise in digital technologies and business innovations, the demand for tech devices and computers is increasing day after day in the city. If you plan to buy a laptop and are searching for the latest laptop price in Pakistan for your preferred model, it is an excellent time to visit our store, which will help you create a budget.


Warranty Of Laptops

Want to know the warranty period of a laptop? There are two essential types of warranty:

1) International warranty

2) Channel warranty

The international laptop warranty is for regions other than Pakistan, like the US, Europe, UK, etc. The channel warranty laptop is the official laptop officially launched by the brand. The channel warranty laptops are claimed from the laptop distributor of that region only.


Laptops for sale in Karachi

Laptops in the sale section allow buyers to get special discounted deals and manage things within their budget. Wajahat Traders offer daily deals and discount codes on special occasions and festivals such as Happy Friday (also called black Friday), New Year, Eid, and all other special occasions. Whether you want a heavy-duty machine or a notebook laptop, you can always make the most out of the budget-friendly price and enjoy the special discount without facing any financial burden. Subscribe to our daily deal page to stay updated about our daily flash discount.


Brand New Laptop Price in 2024

To buy the best-priced laptop in Pakistan, you must search out the Wajahat Traders. We offer a cheap laptop price without compromising quality, allowing buyers from different financial backgrounds to buy their desired devices. You will find the Latest laptop prices in Pakistan at our store that will prove to be your most valuable and meet your demand for a long period.


Latest Laptop Price in Pakistan, 2024Price

Dell Inspiron 15 3593




HP EliteBook 1030 G2 X360




HP ENVY 14 Core-i7-6th Gen




Apple MacBook Air a2681




Apple Macbook 2018 Core-17 16 GB




Lenovo IdealPad 1 AMD RYZEN 7




LENOVO THINKPAD E470 Core-i3-7th Gen 8




Dell G15-5515 Gaming Laptop




HP Z book Firefly G10 16




Lenovo Slim 7 16IAH7