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Get the Biggest Range of HP Laptop Low Price in Pakistan

Find a great collection of HP laptops at low prices in Karachi, Pakistan. In this era, laptops are becoming a necessity. Right now, people are depending on laptops more than iPads and desktops. From making university assignments to executing a regular task, everything is just one push of a button. Laptops help us in studies, work, better communication, and entertainment.


HP laptops have an excellent reputation in the market, as they provide the widest price range for users with a limited budget to buy laptops. That’s why pocket-friendly electronic devices are always the top priority of consumers. To help users, several laptop companies introduce innovative machines every day. Now, we have laptops that show better than real images, support heavy work, and powerfully connect users with the world.


On the other hand, if you are looking for premium devices for video editing, business-related activities, designing, and other activities, then we suggest you consider spectre machines. They will add a positive and typically executive vibe to your daily operations.


Moreover, the company also has a comprehensive range of devices for gamers who have to tackle heavy-duty games. In this case, the Victus can be the right fit for you as it is specially designed for professional gamers. If you are searching for business-centric devices, then choose Dragonfly, as they can help you handle your regular operational activities with ease.


Wajahat Traders started years ago to enhance technology and make it accessible to every user. Now, we are at the point where people use us as a reliable platform for buying the best laptops in Karachi, Pakistan. We also have an outstanding range of old and new laptops with our trusted name for buyers. We deal with different brands like Lenovo, Apple, Dell, etc. If you are a buyer, we will surely give you the best HP laptop low price in Karachi, Pakistan.

Top HP Laptop Series in Pakistan

The company provides a variety of devices in several series, so you must know about each to select and make the perfect buying decision. Let’s explore some of their prominent series.


1. Pavilion 

This series is perfect for users who are in search of a machine for entertainment purposes. Whether you want something for movies, playing games, watching online content, or watching movies, this series can offer you an entire solution for different requirements. Some of the best features are excellent audio results, good display size, and high-quality resolution. However, when finding HP laptops at low prices in Karachi we come to the point these models are best for users with limited budgets.


2. HP 14 & 15

This series is the best fit for users who don’t need some powerful machines and need devices for casual work. Most of these devices contain core i5 and core i3 processors, which allows you to handle tasks like video calling, online browsing, working on software, and other regular activities. As compared to the 15 series, 14 is much cheaper. However, the term of performance in the 15 series provides you with much better results. This series also offers much better display screens than the 14 series, which can provide excellent visual clarity; 15S- FQ5004NIA, 14s-DQ5004NIA, and 14S-DQ5003NE are some of the prominent HP models in this regard.


3. Envy x360

If you want a device with powerful processors that can help handle critical and complex tasks, then you may choose the Envy x360 series. This can help you handle 12th- and 13th-generation processing units that can help you smooth any type of complex task smoothly, such as graphic designing, animation, or content creation work. Some popular Envy devices are x360, 17t, 13t, and 13-ah0000, which are some of the prominent in this case. Before going for any options, ensure to find out the pricing of the laptop in advance. Suppose you know about the Envy x360 HP laptop low price in Karachi if you want to buy it.


4. EliteBook

The EliteBook range is ideal for professionals and businessmen tackling various high-end tasks. Whether you work as an IT manager or in the corporate sector, these devices can offer excellent leverage to keep your necessary activities on track. With security features, high-quality keywords, and a sleek Aluminum-based design, you will find their valuable specification for users. EliteBook 840 G9, Dragonfly G3, and EliteBook x360 1040 G7 are some of the best working models with a proven track record. Users when finding HP laptops at low prices in Pakistan stop at these devices and receive excellent consumer feedback so you can choose them without hesitation.


5. ProBook

The ProBook series machine is specially designed for users who are searching for an HP laptop low price in Pakistan, and want something easy to use, lightweight, yet professional. It can be an excellent option for frequent travelers who must carry these devices every time for different work purposes or business meetings. Stability and good battery life are prominent factors for these machines, which offer you excellent benefits. ProBook 450 G9, ProBook 445, and ProBook 440 G8 are some of the well-known laptop models that you should consider.


6. HP Omen

Omen Gaming Series is best suited for gaming geeks who need highly gaming-centric and functional machines. These are essential devices that contain GPUs, RAMs, and high-quality processors essential for modern games. OMEN 17, 16, and 15 are some of the high-rated models that you can consider. In addition to gaming, you can consider these machines for other high-end tasks, too.


7. HP Spectre x360

This is one of the elite series of HP brands famous for portability, slim design, and the perfect fit for high-end requirements, which can positively contribute to your professional business journey. You can consider the Spectre x360 series suitable for editing, general purpose, and work-for-home activities, which can help you ensure that nothing goes off when you work. Some of the best HP models are the Spectre 14 X360, specter X360 16, and Spectre 13 x360.


8. HP Victus

The Victus series is another valuable gaming machine range that offers power-packed features for any type of game. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can consider this series if you are starting in the gaming world. The highly functional SSDs, lightning-fast CPUs, and powerful GPUs ensure that nothing interrupts you and allow you to keep your gaming flow on track.


Top HP Laptop Processor- HP Laptop Low Price in Pakistan

A wide variety of processors are available for HP laptops in Karachi, Pakistan, making them ideal for a wide range of customers with different needs. Let’s learn more about them.


1. HP Core i3 

These devices are the perfect fit for users who have casual and personal needs and do need something for challenging work. If you are a college or university student or require something for entertainment, machines with this processing unit can be the perfect choice. You can choose another option to enhance your workflow and have a better processing speed. The processor speed in this series is from 1.30 GHz to 3.50 GHz.


2. HP Core I5

HP core i5 processor can help you take things to the next level. It has a high processing speed from 1.90 GHz up to 3.80 GHz. The presence of powerful threads and cores makes it the right choice for several activities that require higher requirements. The price of the core i5 HP laptop in Pakistan does not always change. You must be aware of the various factors, such as local market price, to ensure you manage everything within your budget. In this range, the cache speed goes from 3 to 6 MB, which can also significantly impact your daily activities.


3. HP Core i7

This series comes at the top of the list regarding premium machines and excellent performance. It can help you achieve desired performance and productivity with exceptional processing speed, which, with a maximum turbo speed, goes up to 4.7 GHz. This range is usually recommended for gamers, users, IT professionals, and programmers with high-end needs who have to deal with challenging tasks daily. Again, regarding HP latest laptop price in Pakistan, the price can vary depending on which specs or model you choose.


4. HP Core i9

This series contains the most functional and updated machines dedicated to time-consuming, power-consuming users who handle challenging tasks. You can find the best programming and coding laptop to help you accomplish your milestones and make your professional journey easier. The Core i9 is the fast-working CPU of the “i” series, which performs better than the Core i7, i3, and i5. However, we recommend that you consider your budget before considering the series.


The Reasons HP Laptops Are the Best to Use in Pakistan

Today, IT companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple, etc., are regularly working to improve functionality and portability. For this, they have introduced and devised many features over the decades. Now, we have more tech-savvy and refined laptops in the budget that work well for both work and studies. You can easily find a laptop with an HD display and lighter weight for entertainment and gaming.


Here are a few reasons that make your investment in HP laptops precious:


Well Constructed Laptop

As the world is shifting, it is the best time to call for a durable laptop, and right now, Pakistan is moving toward the digital world. HP laptop can offer you that pace to grow and move fast. From display to processor, the machine is robust and well-constructed. Since the rise of laptops, HP has made a durable name and beat the features any regular desktop computer provides. Now you can get a powerful processor, portability, a strong body, and a sleek look in just one laptop.


Excellent Travel Buddies

HP makes its laptops portable and light. All of its series are handier, easy to move, and work great when unplugged. They come with a small and thin battery featuring more active hours. HP laptops are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for usage in meetings, businesses, parks, cars, and buses. With this mobility, you can access anything readily from any point in the world.


Easy and Expedient

There is better than a practical laptop that completes the work than a new HP laptop, which is a name of convenience. These laptops do not need any additional hardware and are easier to operate. They have their sleek mouse, thin battery, soft keyboard, and very modern look—built-in speakers and cameras. You can quickly attend any meeting or conference. HP’s video and voice clarity is above the top, which you can find on various HP laptops at low prices in Pakistan.


Less Cost, More Essential Features

High-end students and markets can utilize HP laptops, which are not very costly. The series is available in different price ranges, and though the features vary with price, everything is built to the highest standard; HP laptop prices in Pakistan start at just 50000, and it manages the regular work in universities and offices.


HP’s Latest Generation Laptop

The significant difference between 11th, 12th, and 13th generation laptops is in processors, power efficiency, and performance. The 11th generation is suitable for general purpose and low-end tasks. Besides, the 12th and 13th generations can deliver better performance. However, if you are looking for an HP laptop at low price for heavy-duty tasks, you must choose 13th-generation machines. It can deliver multicore performance with excellent speed, making it simple to handle any type of task.


A Guide to Select the Best HP Laptop In 2024

What you question yourself, which is the best HP laptop for me? It’s the one thing that comes to mind. Are you looking for a modern-looking laptop, or do you need something light? If it is all about your personal choice, we have devised an updated guide to help you decide.


Processor/CPU and Its Power

You should first invest your energy into a laptop’s processor. It is the central unit of function that often faces problems afterward. HP laptops feature a range of cores, from octa (8 cores) to dual (2 cores). More cores mean more efficiency and power.


Operating System

The latest HP models are equipped with the latest version. For instance, Windows 10 provides the latest tools and diversity, like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and a very convenient start menu. It introduced new features like Chrome OS, which is available in HP Chromebooks. With these features, users can manage work and studies. The laptop Display is vital to its appearance. HP laptops come in different displays, sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches.


Storage and Memory

Another vital thing to consider for better working is storage and memory. HP provides memory from 4GB to 16GB and more. You can add external memory as well. For storage, there is no clearly defined limit. However, 1TB works best for saving essential data.


HP Latests Laptop Price in Pakistan

HP, being one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world of computers and laptops, will find a vast target audience for this low-price laptop brand. If you are based in Karachi, Pakistan, and are in the market for a new HP laptop model, you may be wondering about the prices available in major cities in Pakistan. Within this article, we will elucidate the Hp latest laptop price in Pakistan and showcase a selection of the most noteworthy and cutting-edge models available.


1) Karachi: The price of HP laptops in Karachi starts at around PKR 50000 and reaches over PKR 130000. Some popular options include the HP Pavilion 15, a pocket-friendly laptop with a 15.6-inch HD display, the HP Omen 15 and the 11th generation Intel Core 13 processor, a versatile and powerful laptop with dedicated graphic cards and a 15.6-inch full HD display, and the HP Omen 15.


2) Lahore: The latest HP laptop price in Pakistan is around PRK 50000 for a budget model and is going up to over PKR 130000. Some popular options include the HP Spectre x360 and HP Envy 13.


3) Islamabad: The laptop price in Islamabad is similar to that in Karachi and Lahore, with multiple options available starting around PKR 50000 and increasing up to PKR 130000. Some of the famous options include the HP Chromebook 14 and HP ProBook 450.


Besides Spectre, EliteBook, ZBook, and Envy are some of the famous series in Pakistan that are sold on a large scale. The price of these laptops can vary, so it is better to do some research to avoid any confusion at the last minute.


Best Laptop for Student

If you are looking for the best laptop for students, then you must opt for the Pavilion and Envy series. Whether you are a university or college student, this device can significantly impact your academic journey. With its high storage and good processing speed, it can help you prepare your academic notes with ease and also help you attend online classes without any delay.

Buy an HP Laptop at A Low Price in Karachi

If you are looking for a low-priced HP laptop with long-lasting quality in Karachi, contact Wajahat Traders. We deal with the best manufacturers in the industry, so we always remain connected with the market and never compromise on quality.


The new HP laptop price in Pakistan 2024 starts from RS 104,899. We provide delivery services in Karachi. If you want to receive an order in Karachi, we recommend that you clear your dues before the due date.


We offer complete assurance that you will receive your product on time. For more information, contact us via our official number at +92 346 9290906 or +92 313 2600495. Our expert team will address your queries and guide you accordingly.


Brand New HP Laptop Low Price in Pakistan                         Price
HP 14-dq1xxx Core-i5-10th Gen 16 GB RAM 256 GB SSD 14″ Display


HP EliteBook 1030 G2 X360 Core-i5-7th Gen 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Touchscreen 13.3″ Display


HP ENVY 14 Core-i7-6th Gen (HQ) 12 GB RAM 512 GB SSD 4 GB CARD GTX 950 14″ Display


HP Omen 15-en0xxx AMD Ryzen 74800H 8 GB RAM 512 GB SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 6 GB Card 1660ti 15.6″ Display


HP NoteBook 250 G8 Core-i5-11th Gen 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD 15.6″ Display




HP Z book Firefly G10 16′ Core-i7-13th Gen 32 GB RAM 512 SSD Intel Iris XE Graphics 15.6″ Display


HP EliteBook 1030 G3 x360 Core-i7-8th Gen 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Touchscreen 13.3″ Display


HP Envy 15FE0013dx X360 Core-i5-13th Gen 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Touchscreen x360 15.6″ Display


HP EliteBook 1040 G6 X360 Core-i7-8th Gen 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD 14″ Touchscreen Display