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Latest Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan

From gamers to creative professionals, people from different professions prefer having Apple laptops and are curious to know the Apple laptop price in Pakistan to achieve their desired performance and productivity.


Apple has always set the trends in the world of technology. Everything changed in 2007 when Steve Jobs announced the Apple MacBook Air. It was so light and thin that Steve pulled it out of a brown paper envelope.


If you are looking for a laptop with enough power and great design to get the job done efficiently, Apple is for you. Apple laptop prices in Pakistan have increased due to inflation. However, the market is still very competitive. Wajahat Traders helps people get their dream Apple laptop in Karachi, Pakistan, with all the specs they desire. We even have affordable options for users.


Overview Of the Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan

Right now, Apple laptops are available at a comprehensive range of prices in Karachi, Pakistan, making it easy for buyers to find affordable options that fit their daily needs and budgets. Here we share a rough breakdown:

  • Budget-Friendly: PKR 60,000 to PKR 80,000
  • Mid Range:PKR 100,000 to PKR 165000
  • High End:PKR 270,000 and up.


Also, for a few years, Apple relied on Intel chips, but in 2020, Apple launched the M-series, which improved its credibility as a brand. These processor series, M1, M2, and M3, show how the brand has leveled up its game in the computing market. In the recent models of Apple laptops, you will find processors that have outstanding processing capabilities. They give extra push to speed and make a huge difference in performance.


The first Apple laptop was the PowerBook 100, which featured a simple trackball and keyboard for left—and right-hand users. This model didn’t have a floppy disk drive, but it was still a huge success; it had 2 MB RAM and a 68000 Motorola processor, so you can see how their machine has evolved.


However, if you are in the new Apple MacBook in Pakistan, you may wonder about the price available in Pakistan. Apple is a trusted and well-known brand in the world of computers and laptops, and its MacBook line is highly regarded for its design, build quality, and performance.


On the other hand, the retina display is installed above the keyboard, and the touch bar is an input device. It has dynamic controls and comes in the pro models that offer users quick asses to different applications.


The price of Apple laptops in Pakistan is another factor that all users need to consider. Laptop prices can vary according to the region where you are buying from and the local economic conditions. For example, if you are based in Karachi, Pakistan, then Apple laptop prices in Pakistan may change continuously every day due to Pakistan’s unstable economy. That’s why we suggest you do your research to know the latest Apple laptop prices in your city to ensure that they are affordable for you.


2 Best Apple Laptop Series in Pakistan 

You must know about the best Apple laptop series, which has some high-level models. Exploring them can help you decide which lineup of Apple laptop series fits your needs and budgets and whether the hardware and features specifications will be perfect for you. Let’s find out more about them:


1.    MacBook Air

One of the most popular and latest Apple models is the MacBook Air. This lightweight and slim laptop features a 13.3-inch retina display, a long-lasting battery, and a powerful 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor. The MacBook is perfect for professionals who need an efficient and portable device for travel and work. The price of an Apple MacBook Air starts at around PKR 210,000.


2.    MacBook Pro

Another popular Apple series is the MacBook Pro. This versatile and powerful laptop is perfect for both play and work. It features a powerful 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, a 13.3-inch retina display, and an impressive graphics card for improved performance. Prices for MacBook Pro start from PRK 60,000 in Pakistan.


An Apple laptop is a good option for those looking for the best laptop on a tight budget. The best thing is that buyers have plenty of options for choosing the right display according to requirements. Suppose you need a 13-inch screen; you have various options to choose from both series. Besides, the MacBook Pro also comes in 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch with a large screen, so you can select anyone depending on your needs.


Best Features To Consider When Buying Apple Laptop In Karachi, Pakistan

Relatively Lightweight and Slim Design

The MacBook’s most significant advantage is that it is one of the easiest to carry and the lightest laptops. Its design is sleek, slim, and relatively modern compared to many other heavy laptop brands. It is so thin that it can easily fit in your bag without taking up space.


MacBook and Its Touch-Up 

The MacBook comes with a touchpad, allowing users to control the screen with just their fingers. The touchpad is excellent for multitasking and rather simple to use. Moreover, in addition to scrolling and basic swipes, the touchpad features numerous smart gestures. When we compare Apple with other laptop brands, we realize that Apple is rather an amenity.



One of the significant benefits of the MacBook is its widescreen display. It features the connectivity of external DVD players, so you can watch any movie live or burn it to a disc.


Excellent Battery Life

One significant reason people shift to laptops from PCs is the battery. MacBook’s premium battery life allows the machine to work for more than 7 hours at one full charge. This is much higher than the average laptop battery life, which is approximately 4 hours after complete charging. Another good feature of the MacBook is battery replacement.


Easy To Upgrade Options

Hard drives and RAM are two of the easiest upgrades to perform. The major benefit of a MacBook is that it has an easy-to-remove battery option, so you can replace it easily without another MacBook Battery. Some models use only specific types and brands when upgrading memory, so it is important to know whether your laptop has a certain kind of memory.


Prominent features of MacBook Pro

The outstanding features and new design of the MacBook Pro are worth the money. Apple is focusing on features and functionality to improve the user experience. The famous 13-inch MacBook Pro has numerous features, and here are some essential features for you to decide.


  • Relatively faster performance and longer battery life than many window laptops.
  • It comes with an M1 processor of apple.
  • Two thunderbolts with 3 ports.
  • It has a 2TB hard drive with a touch bar and a retina display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 for great visibility.
  • Adjustable RAM ranging from 8GB to 16 GB.
  • More than 17 hours runtime for better user interface.
  • The latest version of the magic keyboard.


Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Laptops

We discuss some frequently asked questions that most users want to know when buying laptops. Let’s find out about them.


Are Apple Laptops the Right Choice for Gamers?

Yes, Apple is the first choice for many gamers worldwide, as its powerful components allow gamers to play modern games and get the most out of their gaming. The Pro series is best for gaming, and it has numerous top-tier models that can fulfill the essential requirements of heavy-duty gamers and help you achieve outstanding results. The MacBook Pro models have unified memory chips with storage space that positively contribute to gamers’ professional journey.


Are Apple Laptop Touch Screens?

No, there is no option for touch screens in Apple laptops. There is a big misconception among Apple devices that user devices have touch displays. In reality, no lineup provides a touch display, and till now, a model with the capabilities of a touch screen has to be released. Sometimes, most users get confused by the touch IB features with the touch screen, but it is a different feature that allows users to unlock their devices.


Are Apple Laptops Worth It? 

Yes, Apple laptops are worth it, as the brand has established itself as the industry-leading brand in the computing world, which has unique needs that are well suited to users’ requirements. They have their processor chips and MacOS, which shows how they have made outstanding progress as a tech company. Also, they provide a comprehensive range of machines that not only fulfill the needs of users who have to tackle demanding workloads but also address the problems of users with mid-range requirements.


The Apple Laptop is the Best? 

Yes, without any doubt, laptops are the best in the computing market for different reasons. Firstly, the device’s outstanding display quality gives them a clear edge over other brands. The retina display of these devices improves the pixel density and makes visuals appear sharper. It delivers an impressive visual experience for users for gaming, online streaming, and movies. Another benefit of these laptops is their high-quality components, such as M1, M2, and M3 chips. Compared to intel processors, these processors can deliver faster speed, as many tests have already proved. The better resale value and durability are other reasons that make these laptops the best, so investing your precious amount of money can help you get outstanding returns.


Price Comparison- Apple Laptop Price in Karachi, Pakistan 

With several models and configurations to pick from, finding the deal and discount on Apple laptops is not very challenging. You can find a range of options here at But first, let’s compare the prices in the Pakistani market.


The cheapest Apple laptop could cost you around 80,000 PKR or above. Yes, there are lots of window laptops you get in this range, but it is challenging to find its features in those laptops. The most expensive Apple laptop is approximately half a million or more PKR. These types of laptops are mainly collector items that people buy out of mere desire. When it comes to features, an expensive version would show more, but right now, users will be satisfied with a regular version of the MacBook Pro, too. offers Apple laptops at reasonable prices in Pakistan, and we have an extensive range for people to explore and buy.


Summary Of the Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan


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